Technical Analysis Masterclass

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Earning money from Stock Market is neither LUCK nor GAMBLE, It needs careful study of historical data. 

Learn Technical Analysis to unleash the power of DATA to make winning decisions.


1. You can indentify the winning stocks, don't need tips from others
2. You will know when to enter or exit the trade
3. How-to-use Stop loss and target to manage risks
4. You can catch early signals of direction of market
5. You can trade in multiple markets - Equity, Currency, Commodity, Derivatives etc.

Special Program Designed by PREETI KAPOOR for the beginners in the stock market. Preeti is a full time trader and an expert trainer with 10 years of experience in stock market.

Technical Analysis Masterclass

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Language: Hindi

Instructors: Preeti Kapoor

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Course Content

Divided Into 9 Modules, Covering All The Aspects Of Technical Analysis To Take You From Beginner To Advanced Level:

1. Basics Of Stock Market
2. How Stock Market Works?
3. Basics Of Technical Analysis
4. Single Candlestick Patterns
5. Double Candlestick Patterns
6. Chart Patterns
7. Gap & Gap Analysis
8. Support & Resistance
9. Indicators


Hi, I’m Preeti Kapoor.

I am a stock market specialist and an expert trader. The absence of quality education in the field of stock market trading/investing inspired me to start stock market training business.

I have mastered the art of simplifying the complex concepts and explaining them in an easy to understand language with relevant examples.

Course Curriculum

Welcome To Stockshala
Welcome Video (3:00)
Basics of Stock Markets
Financial Freedom (8:00)
Types of Markets (12:00)
How Stock Market Works? (19:00)
Stock Exchange (10:00)
Indian Securities Market (10:00)
Why Technical Analysis?
Why is Technical Analysis Important? (8:00)
Lifecycle of A Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis in Commodity Market (5:00)
Technical Analysis in Currency Market (6:00)
Technical Analysis in Derivatives (9:00)
Trading Tools
Demat & Trading (7:00)
Trading & Investing (12:00)
Time Frames (6:00)
How to use charts? (6:00)
Introduction To Technical Analysis
Introduction to Technical Analysis (16:00)
Type of Charts (19:00)
Candlesticks (12:00)
Candlestick Patterns (3:00)
SIngle Candlestick Patterns
Hammer (18:00)
Shooting Star (13:00)
Hanging Man (11:00)
Inverted Hammer (12:00)
Morning Star (11:00)
Evening Star (10:00)
Double Candlestick Patterns
Bullish Engulfing (15:00)
Bearish Engulfing (12:00)
Bullish Harami (11:00)
Bearish Harami (12:00)
Piercing Pattern (15:00)
Dark Cloud Cover (11:00)
Twizzer Top (10:00)
Twizzer Bottom (11:00)
Support & Resistance
Support & Resistance (19:00)
Chart Patterns
Triangles (13:00)
Double Top (8:00)
Double Bottom (5:00)
Head & Shoulder (14:00)
Gaps & Gaps Analysis
Types of Gaps (11:00)
Types of Indicators (7:00)
Secret of Moving Averages - Part 1 (10:00)
Secrets of Moving Average - Part 2 (11:00)
MACD (18:00)
How to place MACD? (1:00)
RSI (17:00)
RSI Divergence (5:00)
How to Place RSI? (3:00)

Why Should You Care About The Stock Market?

1. Highest Returns Among All Investment Avenues
2. Earn While Sitting At Home
3. Don't Need To Leave Your Current Job Or Business
4. Can Start With Small Fund
5. Skill Based Profession, Can Be Learned Easily & Many More...

If You Don't Follow The Stock Market,
You Are Missing Some Amazing Drama
- Mark Cuban

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